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The Nevsky MUN Cultural Experience

The Cultural Experience

As a part of our NevskyMUN conference, we want to make sure that you have seen and experienced the splendor of St. Petersburg.  It is our mission to create a cultural program for you that goes beyond your experience of modern Russia in your daily interactions with Gymnasium 2 students and joint activities, a cultural program that leads you into Russia’s glorious past.  We want you to dine like a prince in a palace, see for yourself where the monarchs used to reside, enjoy exquisite artwork, eat local specialties, and compare a more rural folk dance performance with the perfected precision of a ballet. 

Currently, we are offering the following cultural activities as part of the NevskyMUN conference Plan 1 (all meals included except one):

  • A guided tour of the Hermitage Museum
  • lunch in a historic restaurant
  • palace dinner at Nikolayevsky Palace
  • dinner at the Tchaikovsky restaurant
  • Nevsky Folk Ensemble performance
  • Ballet performance

Plan 2 (all meals included except one):

  • Plan 1
  • A guided tour of St. Catherine’s Palace, the Czar’s most opulent summer residence
  • 2 nights in Novgorod, Russia’s oldest city
  • enjoy architecture, art, and admire or purchase traditional handcrafted wares
  • An evening of dancing and singing in the School of Folk Art

Plan 3 (all meals included except two):

  • Plan 1
  • A guided tour of St. Catherine’s Palace, the Czar’s most opulent summer residence
  • A visit to the Peter and Paul Fortress, the birthplace of St. Petersburg, and a guided tour of the Peter and Paul Cathedral, main burial place of Russian Czars
  • An evening on your own with suggestions on our part and arrangements made for you to enjoy classical concerts, ballets, sports games, etc.
  • A guided tour of Yusupov Palace where Rasputin was murdered
  • lunch in a historic restaurant
  • afternoon of leisure with the assistance of a guide if desired

To join us on this exciting journey, please refer to the itinerary and register using our registration form, or, for even more, book a trip extension!