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Russian Visa Application Procedure

In order to apply for a Russian visa you must submit to the Russian consulate:

  •  Your passport – Be sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months after the trip ends. Check also to be sure that you have 2 empty pages for visas in the back of your passport. (This does not include the pages for “Amendments and Endorsements” in an American passport.) If you do not have 2 empty pages, you must have pages added to your passport.
  • Two passport photos
  • Letter of invitation and voucher – We will provide these to you after we receive the completed invitation form. Click here for the invitation form. When you contact your local Russian Consulate, please ask them if they require the original invitation or if they will accept your Invitation sent as an email attachment.
  • Completed visa application form – You must fill out the form online at the website of the Russian consulate closest to you.

Instructions on how to fill out your visa application:

When filling out the application be sure to follow the directions very closely.
The organization issuing the invitation is:

Krugozor Expo Travel
54A Fifth Line V.O.
St. Petersburg, Russia 199004
Tel. (7) 812-335-2015

Be sure to list this under “Department or Organization to be visited” on the VISA application form.

Please Note:

You are applying for TOURIST VISAS. The fact that you are attending a youth conference does not require a business visa (which is much more expensive). Do not list the conference on your application form.