NevskyMUN Trip Extensions

NevskyMUN Extensions

Our Nevsky MUN conference offers exciting potential to extend your trip and embark on breathtaking and memorable educational journeys either prior to or following the conference.  St. Petersburg’s proximity to the Baltic States and Scandinavia lends itself as a perfect location from which, or en route to, these stunning regions can be easily explored.  Alternatively, an exploration of the magnificent Russia, old and new, is within an arm’s reach.

Join us on our Plan 2 or 3 extensions (see itinerary) to further explore stunning St. Petersburg or the oldest Russian city of Novgorod, a former member of the Hanseatic League and UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Novgorod gives you a look at the old, traditional Russia where St. Petersburg showcases the palatial splendor of the Romanov Dynasty. 

In addition to our standard Plan 2 and 3 extensions, we have offered customized trip extensions to the Baltic gem of TallinnEstonia via train or ferry, a sparkling medieval UNESCO World Heritage Site founded in 1248.  Tallinn old town is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe.  The earliest human settlements are over 5000 years old, making it also the oldest city in northern Europe.  New Tallinn is a European hotspot for startups and international companies, giving it a unique international flair.  We have had clients continue on to RigaLatvia, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, best known for its Art Nouveau and 19th century wooden architecture.

Riga has had a tumultuous religious and political history, a true push and pull to gain and regain independence, which was finally attained in 1991.  Also only a ferry, train, or bus ride away lies Helsinki, the largest city and capital of Finland, named most livable city in the world in 2011.  A relatively young city (established in 1550), Helsinki boasts remarkable architecture, and the flair of a bustling, flourishing center of Finnish culture.  Finland has the most progressive and supportive educational system of the world, and Helsinki shows off everything a well-educated people can create, from its culture, architecture and design to startups and brand names of international acclaim.

A new high speed train from St. Petersburg to Moscow takes you to Russia’s bombastic capital in just under four hours!  Don’t miss the opportunity to behold this 12 million metropolis, the largest on the European continent, that breathes with a rhythm unlike any other in Russia.  See beautiful St. Basil’s cathedral in Red Square, as well as Lenin’s tomb, and visit the Kremlin, a medieval walled fortress that was reinstated the seat of government by the Soviets after the monarchy in St. Petersburg was overthrown.  Moscow has amazing museums and art galleries, and the cultural calendar is packed with theater and dance that Russia is well known for.

Please sign up for Plan 2 or 3 extensions per registration form, and either contact us or write in the message body of the registration form to request a customized extension.  Your ideas are our inspiration to create and embark on a new and exciting tour!

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