Committees – Topics NevskyMUN

The Committees and Topics for NevskyMUN 2019


Human Rights Committee

  • The Rohingya Crisis
  • Ensuring freedom of the press in the “post-truth” era

Disarmament Committee

  • Arms race in the Arctic and how to regulate it
  • The question of the arms race in space

Cybersecurity Committee

  • Harnessing big data to make it accessible and safer
  • Increase in PowerShell attacks and other file-less malware operations

Environmental Committee

  • Water accessibility in the Nile River basin
  • Put into action the measures to ensure the transition from plastic to alternative materials in the food industry

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee

  • Measures to be taken against the brain drain in underdeveloped countries
  • The question of euthanasia and the right to die with dignity

Security Council

  • The question of Syria
  • The question of the blockade of Qatar
  • Situation in the South China Sea