Nevsky MUN – St. Petersburg – March, 2022


 Nevsky MUN – St. Petersburg – March 2022

Dear MUN Friends, 

We are writing on behalf of our Firebird Team, including the administration, MUN directors, and students of St. Petersburg Second Gymnasium, the host school of our Nevsky Conference.  During our “Covid time-out” we missed our annual traditions and the dynamic energy of the delegates and their debates. We have dreamed of the moment when we could begin to make plans for the conference to finally happen again! 
Now we want to let you all know that we are fully resolved to revive the life of  Nevsky MUN!
We are moving forward with plans for an especially vibrant and festive Nevsky Conference in March of 2022. It will be a great reunion and we look forward to celebrating and working with you in St. Petersburg. By next week you can visit our website for more details:  In addition, our student-run website will also have fresh details.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Kathie Schmoll

Director, Firebird Fine Arts