Customize Your PRAMUN Experience

PRAMUN Trip Extensions

Participating in our PRAMUN conference offers exciting possibilities to extend your trip either prior to or following the conference.  Nestled in the heart of Europe, major destinations are but a stone’s throw away, so be sure to consider the teaching potential in developing a theme around your trip.

In the past, we have offered tours that take you from Berlin to Dresden and then on to Prague, providing an immersion in the history of WWII and the Cold War.  Our Vienna Prague extension provides an insight into the Hapsburg Empire and an exceptional opportunity to explore the history of art.  Our Budapest Prague extension explores these themes from a uniquely Hungarian perspective.  Traveling from Munich through Nuremberg and on to Prague allows you to experience a thousand years of German history as well as the history of the NS regime.  Or travel from Krakow to Prague to experience the most preserved medieval and Jewish quarters in Poland, which was otherwise vastly destroyed in WWII.

Please contact us, or mention in the message body of the registration form, to either book one of our previously developed extensions or to create one of your own, specifically tailored to explore in depth the theme of your choice.