About Us

Welcome to Firebird Fine Arts Tours

Since 1973 Kathie Schmoll and the Firebird team have organized and led more than 900 groups throughout Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and the former Soviet states with the goal of providing travelers with a rich and intensive cultural experience. Over the years we have cultivated a network of relationships with industry professionals, schools, performance groups, religious groups and charitable organizations that is unmatched and allows us to create customized itineraries that are truly unique.

We have designed and led tours for a diverse array of groups including librarians, war veterans, educators, musicians, Girl Scouts, physicians, dentists, church congregations, quilters, sister-city organizations and school and university groups.

Special areas of intense activity now include Model United Nations conferences in Prague, St. Petersburg and Ivanovo, Russia and, always a specialty of Firebird Fine Arts, performance tours throughout Europe and Russia for choirs and orchestras. Kathie and the Firebird Fine Arts Tours team would love to discuss your tour. Please contact us!