We founded PRAMUN in 2009 as the first MUN program in the Czech Republic.  Working together with the Gymnasium Jan Neruda, we have spent years training chairs and offering seminars to students to develop their own MUN program

PRAMUN has an average of 200 participants from roughly 15 schools each year.  Due to the smaller size, students are more involved, which creates a greater sense of intimacy than at larger conferences.

PRAMUN takes place at the Gymnasium Jan Neruda, providing all participants lots of interaction with Jan Neruda students, a genuine feeling of welcome and authenticity results in lasting bonds and memorable experiences.  Jan Neruda students as well as students from other local schools join delegates during their free time in the city to show them around and just make friends.

At the beginning of the conference, each school is assigned one to two local students to be their guides throughout the conference, joining them on the tram to show them the way to school, answering any questions that might come up, and otherwise just being there for you during your stay.

Close relations with locals have produced many opportunities to learn about local culture and history as part of the conference activities, particularly the theme of Czech independence and pre- and post-wall politics.  In addition, we provide a well-rounded cultural itinerary to make sure you experience and learn as much as possible about this beautiful city during your stay (see The Cultural Experience).

Join us at PRAMUN for a warm and friendly environment that gives every participant the opportunity to actively take part in the conference and to deepen their understanding of MUN!