About Our Theme Tours

Our Theme Tours

Let us join you on the theme tour of your choice and provide you with a carefully prepared and in depth exploration of your endeavor!  Whether you choose from the theme tours in our menu or have a proposal of your own, we will delight in putting together a one of a kind experience and look forward to accompanying you on your journey.  We will work as actively as you like with you on your tour or just quietly from the background to ensure organizational seamlessness.  Explore the sites of the rise and fall of the NS regime from the beer hall Putsch in Munich, to the Nuremberg rallies and to the epicenter of Hitler’s power in Berlin.  Relive the beginnings of the Cold War, from the Potsdam Conference to the Berlin airlift, culminating in the building of the wall and its ultimate dismantling.  Discover the Renaissance on a breathtaking tour of Italy, from its origin in Florence’s art and architecture showcasing the world’s largest collection of Renaissance art, to Milan, Venice and Ferrara to admire works by Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Raphael – to name but a few highlights of what is possible.  Follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther, from Wittenberg, where he nailed his 95 theses to the door of the All Saints Church, to Eisenach and the Wartburg, where he translated the bible so that everyone could finally read it. Let us create your ultimate class trip!  Whether you would like to focus on an educational theme, such as a political science tour to better understand the formation and the workings of the EU, or a literature theme, walking in the footsteps of writers and poets you have been studying, or you just want a senior class trip to Barcelona, London, or any city of your choice, we would love to design it for you and be there for you!

Standard for our tours, unless otherwise agreed upon:

  • group flights
  • min. 3 star hotels
  • state of the art buses
  • hand-picked local tour guides
  • carefully selected cultural experiences to create the level of depth that suits your group
  • local cuisine in meaningful locations