About Our Performance Tours

Our Performance Tours


Let us join you on the performance tour of your choice!  Choose from either the destinations we have listed in our menu or suggest new destinations and we will research them for you and often travel there before you to explore and make contacts.  40+ years of experience means we have established contacts with a multitude of local choirs, orchestras and bands, and that we have performed in hundreds of unique concert venues in the past.  Sing in the church of San Marco in Venice, have a concert in St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, or have fun with a flash mob in the heart of Berlin.  No matter which destinations you choose, we’ll combine performance and fun, culture and art, culinary delights, creating magical moments never to be forgotten.  Spontaneous performances of thanks and splendor in churches, abbeys, and even restaurants  are common, and we are overjoyed when we can be a part of your group’s complete immersion in their experience and can witness truly transforming experiences.

When we plan a performance tour, we emphasize your needs, paying careful attention to:

  • meaningful concert venues
  • concert promotion through local contacts
  • collaborating with local performance groups
  • social interaction with local performance groups
  • opportunity for master classes

Standard for our tours, unless otherwise agreed upon:

  • group flights
  • min. 3 star hotels
  • state of the art buses
  • hand-picked local tour guides
  • carefully selected cultural experiences to create the level of depth that suits your group
  • local cuisine in meaningful locations