About NevskyMUN

About NevskyMUN

We founded NevskyMUN in 2009.  Working together with Gymnasium 2, we have spent years training chairs and offering seminars to students to assist them in developing their own MUN program

NevskyMUN has an average of 120 students from roughly 10 different schools.  Due to the smaller size, students are more involved, which creates a greater sense of intimacy than at larger conferences. 

NevskyMUN takes place at the historic Gymnasium 2, one of the oldest schools in St. Petersburg, providing all participants lots of interaction with Gymnasium 2 students.  Students from Gymnasium 2 join delegates during their free time after the closing ceremony to socialize and see the city.  Gymnasium 2 staff and students are proud of their exceptional school and program, welcoming participating schools with traditional grandeur and style.

Part of the NevskyMUN experience is a carefully selected and fulfilling cultural itinerary, giving insight into and a grasp of this magnificent culture and people.  Make sure to read “The Cultural Experience” for full details.

Join us at NevskyMUN for a conference that allows hands on experience for everyone!