About MUN Conferences and Extensions

MUN Conferences and Extensions

We offer MUN Conference tours for any conference of your choice.  Whether you would like to attend HMUN (Haarlem, NL), or GeMUN (Genoa, Italy), PIMUN (Paris), or SAIMUN (Dublin, Ireland) or any MUN conference offered, we will gladly join you on your tour or provide you with a working itinerary for your trip. 

Our MUN conferences are complete packages.  We take care of your accomodation, most meals, ground transportation on site, and we also include extensive cultural experiences as well as entertainment.  We have spent many years developing our MUN conferences, and we look forward to sharing with you the energy of PRAMUN and NevskyMUN as it has evolved over the years.  Each year we witness a growth in ability and potential as well as a sharing of cultural values that leaves us overjoyed and excited for the next year. 

In addition to the conference, we offer trip extensions to enhance your tour.  We offer set extensions for NevskyMUN (Plan 1, 2, and 3), as well as any variation you might envision.  In the past, we have offered extensions to Moscow, Helsinki and Tallinn, to name only a few.  We also offer any extension of your choice for PRAMUN.  Whether you would like to precede or extend your conference with a trip through Germany, Vienna, Budapest, or Krakow, just to name a few, we will gladly create for you the extension of your choice!  Book an extension of your conference and we will create an even more in-depth cultural, educational and fun tour in accordance with your expectations and budget!