Committees – Topics NevskyMUN

The Committees and Topics for NevskyMUN 2018


Human Rights Committee

  • Promotion and protection of the rights of children
  • Improve conditions in refugee camps in North Africa and incorporate the possibility to apply for asylum on site

Disarmament Committee

  • Guidelines for the use of Artificial Intelligence in weapons development
  • Establishment of a nuclear-weapons-free zone in the region of the Middle East

Cybersecurity Committee

  • Comprehensive plan for tackling worldwide ransomware attacks
  • Combating disinformation and fake news

Environmental Committee

  • The Pacific trash vortex and possible solutions for oceanic pollution
  • The issue of permafrost thaw and its release of dangerous bacteria and viruses

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee

  • Creation of a global strategy for a more efficient system of food production, avoiding surplus and waste, as well as enabling local sourcing
  • Humanitarian crisis in Myanmar and Bangladesh

Security Council

  • The question of the DPRK
  • Emergence of Isis outside of the Levant (e.g. Libya, the Philippines, and Western Africa)
  • The crisis in Yemen